About Us

SAFA HIGH SCHOOL - the dream of a visionary man, the lone endeavour of a community well-wisher, the prerogative of Late Mr.Shahabuddin Shaikh.

He dreamt of having an institute where the child learns the worldly skills along with the development of its spiritual needs- a place where the child is connected to the Divine creator keeping in mind with the needs of the material world.

The school now is a proud alumnus of more than 400 students. The school's mission has been clear from the beginning - giving out individuals equipped with knowledge, confidence and courage to face the society bearing the shades of piety and religion. His untimely death had left a void which was very efficiently filled by his wife Mrs Ishrat Shahabuddin Shaikh.

With the grace of ALLAH, the Almighty and a perfect team of the Management, Principal & Staff, the school has blossomed spreading its fragrance all over.

The school was established in 2002 and the Junior College in 2011.

From the Principal’s desk

Inspired by Late Sahabuddin Shaikh Sahab's, a new education system (a value-based education) has evolved to ensure a real all-round personality development to face challenges of both the worlds and in order to achieve excellence in every field without compromising with Deen. We are striving and by the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT), we have been quite successful to a greater extent by achieving excellent board exam results consistently. It is said, “Well begun is half done”. The school has been regarded as a pioneering institute of its kind and is being considered as a model for many schools in the country. But we are looking forward and waiting for our final product in the market. We believe we are in the process and not yet perfect.


Post Graduate of Science From Aligarh Muslim University

Ex. H.M. C.S.K.M. P.S. (AES) New Delhi
Ex. Vice President, UNESCO clb. Gurgaon Haryana
Ex. Principal C.S.K.M. P.S. R.A. University PUSA
Ex. Director/Principal N.D.N.P.S. Muzaffarpur


Our Vision

Safa High School & Junior College vision is a path to success for every Student.

We want our students to be exemplary Muslims in every field. We want to prove that our students can excel in the field of Science, Literature, Mathematics, etc practising Islam 100%.

We want to produce a real Muslim leading doctor, a real Muslim leading engineer, a real Muslim leading IAS officer, a real Muslim leading politician.

Our Mission

To provide a pure Islamic environment.

To employ the most modern forms of teaching and learning practices.

To introduce the latest state of the art technology.

To ensure that each child practices a 24 hr day on the teachings of Nabi(SAW).

To provide each child with knowledge of halaal and haraam before they become baaligh.

Our Goal

Educational Methods with the tradition Values. Apart from theoretical knowledge imparted through books, the teaching process emphasizes creative thinking, critical analysis, collaborative learning and application of knowledge.

Safa High School is an English Medium Islamic School which prepares the students for the Maharashtra State SSC Exams. Being an Islamic School Apart from the regular academic subjects Islamic theology is also taught.

Pillars Of Education

To Know

To Do

To Live

To Be

What's Latest

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Physiology Teaching Events

10 : 00 am to 04 : 30 pm

Farewell in School 2018-2019

07 : 30 am to 12 : 30 pm

Drawing competition 2018-2019

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Student Testimonials

"My school has always motivated~ encouraged~ appreciated~ enhanced and helped me to become a better person." Shaikh EemanZubair, 2014 SSC topper pursuing double majors in life science and biochemistry.

In our school~ we were trained and given quality education under Islamic environment to make us ready for both the worlds. We were not only taught to be good students but also to be good human beings." Bhagwani Aftab, 2013 SSC batch studying TY BCom.

Parent Testimonials

16 years ago a sapling was planted by Late Shahabuddin Shaikh in the field of education. A bud was born, cared and nurtured by his caring team. This bud bloomed into a beautiful tree SAFA HIGH SCHOOL - MisbahShahina Abdul Jaleel, SafaParent.

My boys were ex-students of an another school but ALLAH helped us to reach SAFA and Alhamdulillah I have no regrets of changing the school. SAFA has given my sons something which was missing in our life- 'DEEN'."- Sakarwala Saba, Safa Parent.

Well-Wisher Testimonials

Imparting quality modern education with Islamic teachings in Islamic environment is the need of the hour. SAFA School is performing this duty towards community and country diligently. I extend my best wishes for further success of SAFA School." - Mr. Abu Asim Azmi, MLA.

In the present scenario of Islamic schools, SAFA HIGH SCHOOL has always been on the lead. Its progress through the years has been impressive altogether.'' - Rehana Salamat, Ex-Principal, Anjuman-I-Islam Allana English High School.

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